Shoes/mcallister wingtip brogue shirt/h&m. wrist/raphaèl leon

Got visited by a few kids and their parents today but the kids made me these cards and they’re the most amazing gift I’ve received so far especially the one from melody the words of inspiration and story behind are so touching be thankful for all you have and be kind to even your enemies

Songwriting session with my aunt

Are you pondering what I’m pondering? #pinkyandthebrain #90’s #kid #throwback

Chillin in the garden

The pill in all its spacewalk variations glory #justchillin

New café racer jacket details 100%cotton outer, genuine leather cuff collar & contrast stripes, cotton poly blend lining. By Denim & Leathers from Y & H Mercantile.

My new café racer jack by Denim & Leathers. Getting ready for fall hype to be able to layer without dying from the heat.

This is kendama. Play it Love it Live it. Ken flip w/orbit to switch grip into a sara grip down stab to one turn lighthouse to ken grip spike